Tara J. Gonzales, M.A., CLC

∙My Journey∙

Personal Mission

It is my personal mission to help people create a life of maximum success and minimal stress. From individuals to groups, personal or professional, it is my goal to help each client set and achieve their goals. Every life map we create together will be custom designed to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. I believe in every person's right to be an individual and experience life in the manner which pleases them most, while simultaneously recognizing personal accountability and the power of choice.  

About Me

If I had to sum up my life in two words, those words would be 'teaching' and 'learning'. I was raised by an educator of 38 years, into an education focused family, with a primary focus on educating the masses in both general education and spirituality, while simultaneously learning from them, myself, and everything around me. I've been told I was a unique child, speaking in complete sentences prior to 2 years of age and began reading, writing, and solving basic math problems, prior to entering Montessori at the age of 3, where  I tutored my first group of sixth grade students in multiplication and division, in exchange for "skipping" nap-time.

By the age of 15 I had become a dedicated Volunteer In Public Schools (VIPS), tutoring mathematics, reading, and writing...then ultimately teaching, training, and studying, under the the direction of one of the best educators I've ever had the pleasure of working alongside... educator, author, certified trainer of trainers, and my mother, Olean Gonzales. I could not have asked for a greater mentor. She taught me invaluable lessons about individuality and community, love, respect, self-worth, and the importance of continued growth. Lessons that continue to guide my choices today.

I began my own journey in psychology, in 1999, earning published recognition for my contributions towards the organization of a Clinical Psychology textbook, entitled 'The Clinical Picture: Current Issues in Psychology', under the direction of Professor Don Jacobs, which fostered an increased interest in psychological/sociological research and publication. Between 2005 and 2015 I taught a variety of undergraduate courses, including processes and ethics in Experimental Psychology, Statistics, Sociological Research Methods, and Scientific Research Methods I and II, and was part of a curriculum development team for a graduate psychopharmacology course (PSYC 6306).  During the same time I completed several independent studies on social identity and the contradictions between personal identity and social expectations, some of which have been shared in my most recent book entitled, 'Humans'.

I have been an educator, trainer, and mentor, my entire adult life. I graduated with a Master's Degree, in Clinical Psychology (LPC Track) in 2010, with a special interest in diverse populations. While obtaining practicum hours, I discovered that although I loved diagnosing and the application of therapeutic methods, more than anything I loved my client's individual stories and helping them follow their own best paths.

Humans are 99.9% genetically identical, and yet no two are alike. Every human is extraordinary, by mere existence. Humanity is my passion and I celebrate uniqueness. So, it wasn't surprising when I ultimately decided to abandon the clinical setting, in order to share my expertise with more people, through their eyes, in a less formal setting. 

It is my life's passion to help humans find and foster their greatness. Life is a journey, together we can uncover the hidden paths to the destination of your choice. Travel lightly, and in the words of my mother, "Travel Far!"

Educational Path

  • University of Texas of the Permian Basin
    • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (LPC Track) 
    • Bachelor of Arts w/ Major in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology
  • Harvard Law School
    • Certificate of Completion: Copyrightx
    • Verified Certificate of Achievement: Contract Law
    • Verified Certificate of Achievement: Justice
    • Verified Certificate of Achievement: Juryx
    • Verified Certificate of Achievement: Bioethics


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